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Media Mentions

On How to Get a Raise:
'No matter how compelling your evidence and how invaluable you are to the company, your raise request may be countered or blocked. If this happens, you should set the stage for future possibilities by coming prepared with a next-step action. “Have a B-plan backup if the raise is not granted,” says Business Coach Joyce K. Reynolds. “For example, you could leave agreeing that the discussion will be continued in 90 days. Be prepared to diplomatically counter resistance.' The Glass Hammer


On Hobbies:
'Hobbies are the things you choose to do; activities that youre probably good at and enjoy doing, and these personal expressions 'will give us unedited clues as to our real desires and interests,' says Joyce K. Reynolds, an Expert Business Coach.

On Effective Emails:
'Careless, misleading, poorly-written or ineffective e-mail messages can cause serious harm, confusion, unnecessary back-and-forth, loss of time and productivity, and frustration,' says Joyce K. Reynolds, an Expert Business Coach.

On Caution for Interviewees:
'This is an explosive issue,' said Joyce K. Reynolds, a business coach in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who has clients in New York City. 'People are either very strongly in favor of or opposed to this war, so if you give the wrong answer, you're done.' New York Times

On Time for Self:
' 'Me time' should not be busy, busy, busy,' affirms Joyce K. Reynolds, a Fort Lauderdale woman who coaches business executives on getting in touch with themselves and away from the business of the day.' Orlando Sentinel

On Workplace Sabotage:
'I'd have to say this sort of thing is on the increase,' says Joyce K. Reynolds, a business and career coach based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. And, it doesn't simply go away on its own. If you stick your head in the sand, you're only inviting more treachery,' Reynolds says. Microsoft

On Spouses Helping Each Other During A Job Search:
'Realize when it's time to back off. When tensions flare up, Business Coach Joyce K Reynolds suggests 'time ours' for couples who are teaming up in this effort.'' Wall Street Journal

On How Fitness Helps In The Job Search:
'Older men and women who are fit definitely have fewer re-entry challenges,' notes Joyce K. Reynolds, a business coach in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

On The Success of Electronic Newsletters:
Coach's e-newsletter featured in article entitled, Letter Perfect. 'Like many successful newsletters, CoachTALK is long on information and short on a sales pitch.' Sun-Sentinel

On Being Overqualified:
'Position yourself as a real team player who is willing to bring top-level expertise to the position offered,' said Joyce K. Reynolds, a business coach in Ft. Lauderdale. 'Look for an opportunity to discuss becoming a mentor to others in the organization.' Chicago Tribune

On Anxiety in the Workplace:
'For an employee, the consequences of work overload can be stress, burnout and illness. For an employer, it can result in high turnover and poor performance,' says Joyce K. Reynolds, a business coach in Fort Lauderdale who counsels top executives to reduce stress in their busy lives and then filter the message down to their workforce. Sun-Sentinel

On Relocation:
Joyce K. Reynolds, a career coach in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., advises employees embarking on a relocation assignment to analyze how that new division or office is doing. How stable is that area? What is happening there? What are its biggest challenges? Wall Street Journal

On Executive De-stress:
Want a more high-voltage way to kick-start a wellness campaign? 'Check into a spa,' advises Joyce K. Reynolds, an executive coach in Fort Lauderdale, who says wellness advice frequently figures into her suggestions to businesspeople. 'A spa stay offers an easy way to learn about nutrition, wellness, and exercise, all in a nurturing environment,' Reynolds says. American Airlines In-Flight Magazine

On CEO Legacy:
'Primary rainmakers have a lot of difficulty letting go,' says Joyce K. Reynolds, a business coach based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., who's been helping executives reach their goals for 10 years. 'It's push-pull,' she says. 'Logically, they want to keep the company sound for the future. But there's a deep, subtle part that says they don't want to be replaced.' Microsoft

On Interviewing:
'Leave people with the understanding that you're going to take charge of the contact,' says Joyce K. Reynolds, a business coach in Fort Lauderdale. 'That puts you more in the power seat.' USA Today

On Flirting on the Job:
'Any type of touching or sexual innuendo is strictly off-limits,' says Joyce K. Reynolds, business coach and coauthor of False Profits. Cosmopolitan

On Corporate Culture:
'Realize that you can't change an employer's true culture by yourself,' says Ms. Reynolds, whose company consults with large corporations on cultural issues. Drawing from her own experience, she says that to be truly satisfied, executives must be true to themselves and seek work at culturally compatible employers. Career Journal from the WSJ

On Working at Home:
'Working alone at home means you not only have to set your own goals and follow your plan, but that you have to motivate yourself, stay focused even though no one is there to see what you're doing.' The Leaning/Discovery Channel

On Getting Fired:
'Give yourself some time to feel sorry for yourself, afraid, angry, defiant. All these emotions are entirely understandable after being fired,' says business coach Joyce K. Reynolds. USA Today

On Office Cliques:
'Office cliques are bad for morale,' says Joyce K. Reynolds, a Florida-based business coach. 'They slow down productivity by setting up boundaries instead of encouraging communication.' Working Mother Magazine

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